Not a Box

Apr 6 - Not a Box

The best formal professional development (as opposed to my PLN, which I regard as informal) I ever received was in drama/dance education. There is no way I would be half the teacher I am without it. Drama education taught me the difference between seeing and thinking. It taught me how to make literacy learning about passion, not just mechanics. Basically, it taught me, and taught me how to teach students, how to look at cardboard boxes and not see a box.

Our good friend @jenntwits got our son this gift for his 3rd birthday. What a wonderful little book it is. I read it to him again before bedtime tonight for what already feels like the umpteenth time in a row.

In a few simple pages, we learn that, according to Bunny, ‘This is not a box! This is a rocket ship … and a building on fire … and a robot … etc.” So simple, and certainly not the first children’s picture book to tackle this concept, but so effective. Jackson finds it utterly hilarious.

If anyone asks me from now on what it is I am spending so much time tweeting about, or doing in my crazy classroom, I will show them this book and say, “I am trying to preserve children’s natural impulse to see that boxes are not really boxes, teach them to harness that understanding, and facilitate their eloquent communication/expression of their ‘not-a-box’ idea.” Hey, I’ll readily admit it’s a work in progress:-)

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