Grading sucks.



  1. Love this Royan! It just goes to show the difference between ASSESSMENT and EVALUATION and the importance of teaching students to self-regulate their own learning and developing the meta-cognitive skills to be able to identify their strengths and areas of improvement.

    I think that the big problem is that we don’t give kids enough TIME TO PRACTICE and IMPROVE their skills before we assign a grade. If we really want to consider our assessment as formative, then the students MUST have an opportunity to improve their work or further demonstrate their understanding in a different way before it is considered evaluative. Just like we give sports teams practice time before the game… and opportunities to play exhibition games before the tournament… so too do we need to give students an opportunity to practice, apply, receive feedback, and further demonstrate their understanding.

    Thanks for the post… i love reading your blog! 🙂

  2. I understand the principles that you are trying to visually present. That being graded during learning is counter productive. The reason we do summative assessments. My question is, yeah maybe we aren’t graded on our ability to ride a bike, however if we try to get competative, we are simply sorted. We are graded when we finish writing a novel and your status as a writer is compared to those of others. In the same context when choosing a phone, piece of technology or other 21st century device. We do evaluate and assess the final product. I agree that grades suck, grading sucks and giving marks suck, however I have a great solution. grade students using criteria and comprehensive reporting, no grading required.

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