Standardized Testing (or Back to the Future)

May 28 - 1962
I took this shot with my iPhone and aptly put the ‘1962’ setting on it using my Camera Bag app. My students were stunned this morning to discover I had ‘EQAOed’ (their words) our room. Anchor charts down, coloured wallpaper kaput, desks separated in rows facing the front, SMART Board put away. Not to mention me telling them the following:

No wireless devices.

No talking.

No backchanneling.

No asking questions.

(Funny how most instructions for standardized testing start with the word ‘No’.)

I was so proud when they rolled their eyes and got sarcastic on my ass. They have absolutely razor sharp senses of humour:

Mr. Lee, I thought we were, like, all about the 21st Century?

So this whole technology thing wasn’t working, eh Mr. Lee?

Yup, back to chalky hands and worksheets for us. Pheeeyew.

So you’re telling me I can’t google what decimeter means?

It was fun while it lasted.

Take a picture of us Mr. Lee!

Ya, with our hands on our faces in shame!

Seriously. This is how crazy uproarious my students are. I love them to death.



  1. Great picture and symbolism, but I think somethings may have changed in relation to the instructions relating to standardized testing. None the less good on your kids and love their reactions.

  2. Love this! I just completed the “EQAOing” process of my room this morning too… my gr. 6’s are now sitting in rows of individual islands and the walls are now completely bare. When I first started taking things down last week it was during lunchtime and when the kids came back from lunch they were shocked. One student captured the moment perfectly when he said “Miss Panju, the room looks really sad”. He was right… it does look very sad… the whole process… is just… so… sad. 😦

    but… we gotta do what we gotta do!

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