A Good App

In order for iPads and iPods to be a normalized tool in the classroom (and not just for iDevice fanboys like myself but also for neophytes), there are going to have to be more apps designed like My First Tangrams. My three-year-old adores this app. What makes it effective? It teaches you about geometry in a closed and open-ended way. You can make tangram designs using a template, and then move on to devising your own. Too many ‘educational’ apps in the store are obsessed with what we often call ‘thin’ not ‘thick’ questions. You are often led through a journey of pats on the back for correct answers, rather than led to explore your own imagination. As developers get better at designing for the latter, more and more people will find this new paradigm of educational technology an indelible part of their classroom program.



  1. Totally agree !!

    I also love tangrams ! I have an apps on my ipod touch ( tangram puzzle pro ) and my android phone !

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