What Happens When Students Blog

Want to know what sometimes happens when students blog?


Hey, this week I decided to do my weekly blog post on the person I admire the most in the ENTIRE universe. My brother, Evan.

Evan, my brother, is the person I most admire in my life because he has the biggest impact on me. Whatever he does, I secretly want to do the same. I always try to impress him so that he can be proud to have me as a sister. I always want to try to be involved in his life because I feel that if I stop trying to get involved, he will stop caring as much about me and I like hanging out with him.He teaches me how to play guitar (acoustic and electric) but only heavy death metal on electric guitar. The only song he taught me on acoustic is Blackbird. When he goes out with his friends I’m always begging him to come with, but only occasionally does he actually let me. The only reason that I want to come is so that I can be with Evan.

Without my brother, my life wouldn’t be the same. I’d be lonely, sad, not very smart because he helps me with a lot of my work, and just… very bored. We used to play hockey a lot in the basement and on the road sometimes, but then he turned 13 and i was 9 or 10 and he became too cool for school.

When we were little my mom bought us a pair of “Sock ’em Boppers” which were basically huge foamy things that looked like marshmallows with straps on them that you’d put on your hands, and wrestle. But we went the extreme way. What we did was we put the Sock ’em Boppers on our feet and kicked each other! Our mom would yell at us like crazy, but we kept going.

Then he got me into wrestling. And he got me caught up in wanting to be the next girl version of John Cena. Well, look how well that turned out?!

He is an amazing brother and one thing that I will never forget is when I was crossing a busy road, and he stopped me with his arm and looked both ways, then “allowed” me to walk across, but only if I held his hand.

When I went to sleep away camp a few years back, I got a really nice letter from him saying how much he missed me and what they did while I was gone, and even though I had gotten a gazillion letters from my parents, and only that one from my brother, I only cried when I read his note.

He is my greatest role model in life and I hope to turn out as funny, as nice, and as compassionate as my older brother.

Here’s the screenshot version:



  1. I love this! I think that I’m going to share this link with the staff at my school too. Many of them are blogging, or considering blogging, with their students, and this may encourage them even more. Thanks Royan!


  2. I had a similar experience today with one of my gr. 8 bloggers, who gave me the link to her older brother’s new blog. Turns out little sis inspired big brother to start a blog. She’s the one who taught him how to set up his own blog, just like hers. She even asked me, via her brother (my former student) if I’d comment on his blog. It was the first thing I did at the end of my day.

    Another unexpected gem in the world of teaching!

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