What should every teacher know about you?

I gave my students a one line google survey at the start of the year asking one question.

What should every teacher know about you?

Here’s what they said:

i learn best when the teacher can explain as much as she/he can about the subject in easy words. Or simply if they cant do that draw them in a way that is easy to understand! 🙂

That I am were good in art, math and science!!

i like trying new, different things

With technology.  It doesn’t have to be very advanced stuff, but advanced enough so the equipment I’m using won’t make me lag behind the rest of the class.

visually, i am a visual learner

I learn best when the teacher talks and shows what they are talking about at the same time.

I learn best when i communicate with peoples so i know more.

i learn best on how the teachers teach the classes.

I should concentrate and focus on what i do and listen attentively to everybody.

i learn best with visuals

i like lots of projects and things that involve me using my hands

In picture and writing on the board

whit others

I like to learn when teachers are speaking in class because I can enjoy and understand the lesson more. I mean sure reading helps as well, but the question and exclamation marks just aren’t the same.

i learn best when the teachers is positive and give positive feedback/comments too me

I learn best through gadgets and games

I learn best when I work in a group.

I usually take i while to finish my projects so i need at least 2-3 weeks.

computers and tech

I learn best by experience.

In my point of view i think that all teachers should make learning fun and easy ( pretty much like you, you are introduction technology which  most students find “cool” and makes the work more amusing)

I’d say that working independently is easier for me but i also like working with other people.

by working and having fun at the same time

i learn best with others

I learn best by getting detailed explanations of the work that will be provided and of me listening

I learn best by getting detailed explanations of the work that will be provided and of me listening

“I don’t like sarcasm that’s hurtful.

I like hands on assignments.”

I like it when learning is creative or fun. . .If I sit for too long I start to daydream.

i learn best when i discuss the subject with someone in my class to help either understand if i don’t really get it, read something that explains it or ask the teacher

when I can experience it

i learn if they don’t rush threw things so fast

they should know how the student is good at working like i am good in small groups and using computers sometimes

i like to work hands on and use things and get to learn with my hands

I.. love Adam Lambert and… I’m funny and like to play basketball and ringette.

Something every teacher should know about me is that LOVE to work in groups. I find other peoples opinions and comments very interesting. Another thing, is that I am a visual learner.

I learn best with a patient teacher who explains tasks clearly and doesn’t give too much homework so I can think of what I’m doing clearly.

i think that every teacher should know that i understand the unit better if they can use more specific details and drawing pictures ! it helps me understand better of the situation!

visually, i am better at learning when people talk and do actions instead of just talking

I learn better when I’m doing independent work and when the teacher shows us by example.

“I work and brainstorm better when I am in a group with people I enjoy or have experience working with.

i need things explained in detail

i learn my best when a teacher lets us listen to music or the teacher is fun .

I learn best by not overlearning and by having fun lessons.

Not to complicated

don’t be boring

Every teacher should know that I’m funny

that I’m a very visual learner like drawing and  really getting in to your work

i learn my work better in pairs with a partner.

I learn easiest by examples because I imagine myself being the one that’s doing whatever the work is with the example and that help’s me understand it more.

I like it when I am being thought in a creative way

by not just boring talking like examples, drawings, graphs act.

I like to have a little time to think about what the teacher just said.

I learn best when i like the subject and I’m interested in it.

I learn best by someone showing me how to do the work like an example.

That I’m good at arts

I think that every teacher should know that students are new to this grade and try to put them in the students place.

i learn best by stuff on the board

I learn best when teachers explain things instead of leaving that to the textbooks.

I learn best by working sometimes independently and sometimes in groups.

i learn best when i have examples and ideas or suggestions

i don’t know i think that if i have a project i will try to finish it as soon as possible so i can do it work hard and then enjoy the rest of my day or that i try to be very organized

i think every teacher should know about how i learn best is i usually have to write notes about what we are learning.

you explain well without me to writer notes, we play a game or to do something in a group.

Every teacher should know that if mostly their participation active or not, and if they followed the teachers’ instructions.

I learn best by reading texts about the subject.

more visual

Here’s a word cloud of the thoughts:



  1. I love this.

    This sparks an idea. I wonder if I can get parents to do a one line “exit” survey at the end of the year… “In ONE sentence, provide some constructive feedback about my class.” I wonder if the parents of my 3rd graders with moderate-intensive special needs could use only one sentence. 🙂 Thanks for the idea.

  2. Hey Royan
    My name is Brittany and I have been assigned to your blog for my EDM 310 class at the University of South Alabama. This is post is very creative. I enjoyed reading this because all the students had interesting things to say. Good job!

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