Creative Commons Licensing

How amazing is the blogosphere? Really, think about it. If you are reading this, you, like me, are probably immersed in this social media stratosphere. But, whoa, take a step back and realize how crazy unbelievable this whole scenario is. I blog, share it with the world. You read, respond, maybe write your own post inspired by it, share with world. Rinse, repeat.

For instance, just yesterday my friend @thecleversheep gave me some great feedback on this graphic I created. While giving me props for the work, he also reminded me about the importance of licensing my work with Creative Commons, which I haven’t been doing at all.

Why haven’t I? To be honest, I was a little lazy. I simply didn’t care if someone used my work. My thinking was, if someone was going to profit from it in some way, or pass it along as their own, I figured their own karma could deal with it.

It took Rod Lucier to remind me that Creative Commons isn’t just about protecting my work, but also about making it easier for others to use it.

I am so thankful that Rod took the time to give me this piece of feedback.

We should constantly remind ourselves of the wonders of self-publication and content creation. Hopefully, it will mean we never take it for granted.


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