It’s not about the tech, let’s move on …

I’ve read some great posts this past week reminding us to quell our über obsession with technology in education and focus on the pedagogy:

Stephen Louca sees a Room with Two Doors

Angie Harrison asks why we’re focusing on the tool.

Cathy Davidson admonishes our iPad fervour

Jerrid Kruse warns us not to look at the ‘things’ of classrooms.

Noel Gallagher of Oasis once bellowed, “Please don’t put your life in the hands / Of a Rock ‘n’ Roll Band / We’ll through it all away”, and I would say tech in education is sometimes like Rock ‘n’ Roll.

We don’t want the learning in our classrooms to be like a bad, top-40 rock song: catchy, vacuous, and most entertaining when drunk.

We want to introduce ‘songs’ that make people go, “Shhh, let me listen to this!” Most people won’t appreciate it at first, but it will linger.

Remember: It’s not about the tech. Now let’s start using the tech.



  1. Technology in the classroom is only as good as the teacher in the classroom.
    Thanks for the reading suggestions – all were very well written and made me think.

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