Is there anything more satisfying than an awesome conversation? (I know you’re thinking about that other thing, but you know what I mean.) Today I had a spontaneous conversation with a parent at my school. I noticed she had a unique accent so it lead us into a discussion about Brazilian economics and politics. I felt so good after that casual talk. There was so much humanity and honesty in a simple little repartee.

Or what about the crazily fascinating discussion going on right now at George Couros’ blog? Just compelling is what that is.

Many people who are blinded by the technology in our class may not notice that it’s all about conversation. Much of my practice involves invoking structured discussion to help kids arrive at some point of convergence. It just so happens we have some toys that sometimes helps us to do that more inclusively and efficiently. Having serious and guided talk is almost a physical need. Your brain feels better when you’re talking your thinking out. It makes learning extremely personalized yet collaborative, loud yet quiet. I really think I’m a novice at doing this, but I’m trying my best. It seems to be a wicked way to learn.



  1. Even though we can have conversation through technology, it is not nearly as personal as having conversation with an individual face-to-face. I love how you said, “It makes learning extremely personalized yet collaborative, loud yet quiet.” This can be taken in different ways. It can be taken loud as in noise volume yet quiet as in not being heard by so many people. But conversation through technology, such as this (via blog), can be considered “loud” because you are reaching more people, a much larger audience. In a nut shell, conversation is very important!!

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