Bruce Lee

I’m fascinated by martial arts. I love the lessons on discipline, practice, and perseverance. I dig the concept of belt attainment, not as a carrot, but as a marker of development. I adore how you can only become exceptional if you have an awesome team to practice and bond with, and then how you hold your opponent to the highest esteem. I see how the assessment relationship of mentor and student involves constant conversational feedback of progress. I am impressed by the concept of learning to battle but never really fighting. I’ve never broken a piece of wood with my mean chop, but, in many ways, I like to approach my vocation of teaching and learning like Bruce Lee.

And now, for your enjoyment, my favourite fight scene of all time: Bruce Lee vs. Chuck Norris from Return/Way of the Dragon.



  1. Clored belts in martial arts were an invention to accommodate Westerners’ need for recognition of eir progress. There were originally only white and black (brown was a dirty white belt ;))

    I love your reference and analogy. Does it hold up without the intermediate belts?

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