1. Great post Royan! I love your unit – It’s such a great feeling when “hunches” hit the jackpot. The “hunches” become motivational launch pads for the students and the teacher. I can relate to your story of the less successful student becoming the star. When this happens it makes everything worth it!

  2. Dear Royan,
    Really love the designs and boldness of colours chosen. Each one has a individuality to it. Was there a written component to them or did the students speak to the designs through an oral discussion? Thanks for sharing your reflections as a teacher through this: engagement–>feedback–>collaboration.

  3. Logo are a great way to get at design and media literacy. I may borrow this idea. Maybe one of your students who needs some leadership opportunities could Skype in and teach a few ofmmy students the key things about logos.

  4. Brilliant in every way. I loved reading this and I applaud you for your initiative. Please tell your students the logos are fantastic!!

  5. I think this was a great idea to make students want to learn. Most students probably have cell phones or other electronic equipment with mobile apps on them. I think this really brought out the creative side of your students. It is great to see young people wanting to learn and wanting to do their homework. I think if more teachers would try to make learning fun that more students would actually want to do their schoolwork.

  6. This sounds great! I was just wondering what goal or unit you were teaching that involved the logos and how they tied into that. Also, were they hand drawn, or did the studens use a particular program to computerize them? Lastly, did they have to describe the app they represented?

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