What does it mean to be quiet?

So, how does social media in your classroom transform the meaning of shy/quiet? It’s not what you think.

It isn’t that shy kids who don’t like to literally talk in your class can now share their ideas in an online sphere. Anyway, at least it isn’t just that.

It’s that everyone in your class tends to become a more diverse, contemporary communicator. They get their ideas out for sharing in so many different ways that you stop labeling kids as the class clown, the shy kid, the leader, the follower. It helps students know and respect each other as learners in a way that is less encumbered by the complexities of childhood and adolescent social strata.

Read Susan’s interview with me here.



  1. Fascinating. So, students get to know each other in multi-faceted ways online, and this informs their impressions of each other when they meet in person? I’m hungry for examples, if there are any you can share without violating students’ privacy.

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