Thanks …

… to everyone who checks this blog out for amusement, insight, or information. I’m very grateful that people are interested in what I may have to say about schools and learning. I want to extend a special shout-out to a former student of mine, Christopher, who mysteriously seems to be interested in what his boring old teacher has to say.



  1. Hi Royan, i am currently wading through your guide to the iPad at and I am really fascinated. Regarding the iPad: Is the lack of flash not very limiting in an educational environment? What about all those brilliant animations? Isn’t there an alternative?
    Then: After reading I am looking at a complete redesign of our school library to accommodate this approach. Help! Any ideas about lay-out, IT infrastructure, etc. would be most appreciated.

    1. Hi Theuns,

      One great person to ask about library-as-learning-commons is @taniasterling. She has experience transforming a library in this way.

      Not having flash on the iPads seems really sucky at first, but I rarely think about it now. We simply use the tool for other purposes.

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