Social Media Trade-Offs

Baseball Sea
CC licensed shared by Flickr user RLHyde

I truly appreciate admonishments regarding social media from my PLN. Particularly the one which questions what trade-offs come about as a result, and if a particular one is worth it or not. It’s an important skill when you decide to accept a powerful technology. You must be perpetually metacognitive and critical of the tool itself. I thought I would use one arm of my social media life as an example. I love what social media has done for my sports fandom.

I have been a terrible athlete/obsessive sports fan since a very young age. Moreover, as a reader, my favourite text genre has always been sports and music journalism. Suddenly, this type of content is now available almost entirely for free online, and it is mind-blowingly interactive. You form a community and actually connect with some of those fans, journalists and athletes. It’s like you’re part of the game itself (deluded, I know:-) You can even start a blog yourself about your favourite team and foster an audience. You can actually become a media creator, not just the consumer.

There’s just one thing.

I find I watch a lot less of the actual events. A baseball game, for instance, feels like an eternity to me now. A football game without the ability to fast forward? Forget it. West coast games that end well after midnight? No way. Now, I know being a committed husband and father of three young kids is likely the highest factor in this equation… Still, it’s also because I feel like I can crowdsource the experience. Bizarre I know.

I’m ok with that trade-off because it allows me to be with family more while still satiating my sports need. Time is precious when you’re a suburban professional and family man.

What about you – do you like that trade?


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  1. I had a difficult time with the trade-off at the beginning. I’m a basketball addict and a commited Raptors fan (even during this rough patch). I used to watch every single game on TV when I had the chance and was really into the basketball fantasy leagues. After Ava was born I would say the number of games that I watched was cut in half. Since Lily was born, I just try to catch the highlights in the morning. I still consider myself a basketball fan though. I still love reading anything about basketball and sports in general online. However, lately I do find myself enjoying the blogs more than the online newspaper articles. I enjoyed this post. A nice change from the usual stuff 😉

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