Dishwashers, F150s, and other random thoughts…

After having a quick convo with the awesome @courosa on Twitter tonight, my mind began to wander.

You know how dishwashers, washers, and dryers are monstrous household machines but are virtually invisible in your house? I wonder when mobile technology and social media will be like that. Or will it never be like that? Is it already?

Imagine if you’d told someone from the 1800s what a modern dishwasher or a Ford F150 truck could do. It would blow their mind. Well, everyday I personally realize that stuff I was mad obsessed with as a kid are a freaky reality now (well, that Knight Rider car is taking longer than I thought). As a little boy, my friends and I literally used to play pretend games of an iPhone world. Back then, I thought the Sony Walkman was some really advanced stuff (excuse me while I laugh again about tape fast-forwarding and rewinding). It would be like if ants increased in size and you could ride on them.

So I can’t help but imagine how it changes the way my own children and students are growing up. If the kinds of things that used to be dreamed up are actually mundanely available in your pocket now (and, let’s face it, Pandora’s out of the box, baby) isn’t it one of our goals in education to teach our students how to leverage these powerful devices for the betterment of the world?



  1. Hiya Royan,
    A good thought, but historically right up there with the “horseless carriage” phenomenon.

    It is the inevitable fate of the next generation to take for granted the magics of the previous; after all, if they didn’t, how would we make any real progress?

    (actually, i’m just glad this wasn’t a sports-related post…)

    Paul Yip

  2. Just had this convo in my MEd class the other night. So-called Luddites claim they don’t use technology in the classroom, but they use it all the time, it’s just that the technology has become so transparent,it’s no longer viewed as technology.

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