Get Up and Talk

Talking with Matt
CC licensed photo shared by Flickr user mattlemmon

In all our talk about technology, we sometimes neglect to notice the other physical indicators of the modern classroom. One thing I find vital in our learning environments is structured times to get up and talk. It’s so important yet we still marginalize it as a learning activity. Getting up to move and stretch one’s body while using your mouth to think is one of the lifeline’s of learning. Every time I have had the privilege of visiting dynamic classrooms, I see this occur. I’m sure this is something most of my audience takes for granted, but I think it’s important to remind ourselves of the little stuff too.



  1. Dear Mr. Lee,

    I am a student in EDM 310 at the University of South Alabama in the USA. EDM 310 is all about learning technology in the classroom, but I think you make a very good point by bringing this up. I do feel, at least in this class, that we are almost lost in all the technology we have at our hands that we do forget about the importance of simply speaking in front of the class.

    You can follow me on Twitter at!/Lizzzybell

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