1Password and Xmarks

Sometimes we put the horse before the cart in tech PD because we want to show flashy and instantly gratifying tools. This is especially true in the realm of web 2.0. There are so many supposedly easy web-based applications out there, so we often contend the entry point is easier than, say, delving into the specifics of Photoshop or Final Cut Pro. This is somewhat true, but I think there are many little variables that determine success in navigating a browser-based world. Primarily, I worry that we neglect the issue of workflow.

That’s why I wanted to write a quick post sharing my love for two apps in particular that make my online workflow fluid rather than scattered. I am certain that I am the umpteenth person in the blogosphere to write about them, but que sera, I say.


1Password Pro

Why: Because I need a way to create and store secure passwords without relying on a) my feeble brain, or b) the ol’ “I use the same password for everything”.

How it works: All you need to remember for 1Password is, well, one password. This one password gives you entry to your ‘vault’ of passwords. They have a toolbar for nearly every well-known toolbar, so for me, I rarely even have to type in my usernames and passwords for 1Password does it for me.

What it works with and syncs across: Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad, Android.

Free? No, but it’s worth it.


Xmarks Premium

Why: Because I use multiple devices and a plethora of browsers. I need my browser bookmarks easy to access and synced across all my devices.

How it works: Install the plugin for all your browsers and away you sync. No more, “Oh I have that bookmark on my home computer” or whatever.

But what about Diigo and Delicious? Oh, I use those too, but I think of those tools more as social media devices. Xmarks is more like personalizing the buttons on your browser, if you know what I mean.

What it works with and syncs across: You name it.

Free? No, but it’s worth it.

Like a lot of technology nowadays, the hard work is in the set up. Once all the necessary installations and logins are set up, it’s syncing bliss. I honestly don’t know how I would get my work and play done online without these items in the toolbox.



  1. I love 1Password. Folk have been telling me to buy it for a very long time and I’d put it off until a couple of months ago. Now I’m just smacking myself for not doing it earlier and saving myself a lot of work maintaining many logins. I’ve also moved to much stronger passwords for everything and not worry about it anymore. Haven’t really used it much on iOS devices but it’s great in a pinch to get in to admin things. Fully echo Royan’s opinion about 1Password. Worth every cent.

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