Apps that help me teach

The other day I shared my dependence on 1Password and Xmarks to help keep my web 2.0 life in fluid motion. Today I want to take a second to share some other apps that help me stay organized, productive, and zen in my teaching life. Almost all of these come cross-platform (Mac/PC) and in mobile versions that offer either cloud-based or wi-fi sync – an essential characteristic for this multi-device user

Wunderlist/Things (I prefer Things, but Wunderlist has cloud syncing which is essential for me)

Why? Because I need lists. Oh, do I love lists.

Free? Wunderlist is, but Things isn’t.


Why? So I can keep all manner of observational and conversational assessment data of my students.

Free? As a baby’s behind.


Why? For digital timetabling and lesson/day planning.

Free? No, but it’s worth it.


Why? To keep all student information and numerical assessment/evaluation data organized and easily retrievable.

Free? No, but it’s worth it.


Why? Because I need to be able to store large files and folders in a place that makes them accessible and shareable from anywhere at anytime.

Free? As the wind.

Google Chrome Browser

Why? Because I need a really fast browser that talks to my google apps nicely.

Free? It’s Google.

Google Docs

Why? To collaborate with students; to use forms for assessment surveys and feedback; to share files instantly on any browser; and to create working documents and ‘anchor charts’ for my class.

Free? C’est Google.


1 Comment

  1. Greetings Mr. Lee or should I say, Jedi Master?

    I know I’m technically a padawan, but I’m so glad to hear you refer to me as a young jedi… has a better ring to it. 😉 And I dare say you have an awesome name as well!

    First let me comment that your blog is spicy AND informative. The tech aspects are absolutely dizzying. I’m slowly reading through your blog and it’s great to see how many FREE resources are out there to use, for teachers and life-long learners alike. There’s no excuse for me now. Time to make the plunge!

    I will definitely look into creating my own customized image banner to add a little more pizzazz to my classroom blog. Thanks very much for the input. Always good to get feedback!

    Auf Wiedersehen for now Mr. Lee.

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