What’s one thing every teacher should know about you?

On the first day of school, I had my students fill in a quick one line google form question which asked, “What’s one thing every teacher should know about you?” Here are some samples (I kept the original spelling, punctuation, and grammar):

I like learning alot with modern technology
I have bad vision (I can't see stuff that are far)
I am scared of needles
I have a fragile nose it was broken last year.
That I work hardly and independant
I work best individually sometimes.
I am not always able to concentrate in class.
I do gymnastics
I love hockey and runing sports
That I might need some help sometime.
That I like lego coins
Sometimes I freak out in a math test and start to cry.
I enjoy whale biology.
I have troubble sometimes.
I'm good at stuff when i like it
That I try my best to succeed
I have a difficult time concentrateing in class.
I get nervous when it comes to tests.
I don't like talking in front of the class. 
I love to learn about new things
i am a little bit slow answering multiplication and division questions.
one of my weakest subjects are reading and comprehension. 
I don't like like insects
i have a very short attention span and i have trouble concentrating after teachers talk for a long time
i like teachers that talk to me


  1. I like that idea. I had my students also complete a google form student information but that question was far more interesting than the ones I asked my students to respond to. I will use that question at the very next opportunity.

  2. Royan, what a fantastic way to get to know your students! It’s amazing how much you learn in this one line. You have me thinking about how I could do this in my own classroom next year. Thanks for sharing the great idea!


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