Lego QR Code (or The 239,450th time a student amazes me…)

The other day we were making QR codes of our student blogs. So, one of my students decided to go home and make a real life Lego version of his QR code. You can actually scan the Lego and it works!



  1. Absolutely incredible! What a brilliant and creative mind. Love it when they catch us off guard or surprise us like this! Learning at its best…

  2. And if he transferred it into the digital version and posted it? Ah… The never-ending advances! Way to go and totally inspiring!

  3. This is terrific. I had a student go home and make a code for her dad’s business after creating them at school. Now she’s his marketing assistant. Can I use this pic in presentation I’m giving next week?

    Thanks for sharing this this us,
    Cheers frtom Jenny

  4. Neat! I recently read an article about 3D printers that exist already-which scans 2D images and then prints 3D objects-color coded even, iin various materials including plastics. It seems like your student did this himself!
    I was dreaming & wondering if this has potential to help visually impaired students somehow-like if some qr codes were 3dimensionalized so they could be alternatively felt/pressed to read aloud some information they contain. Or the printer scanning book pages (or lesson plan dittos/handouts that the rest of a class gets) could be printed out 3 dimensionally as raised/braille copies that could felt for meaning.

    My brain is still chewing on all of this, dreaming. It’s exciting.

  5. My son, who is a Legomaster, saw this, and said “that’s not even Lego skills, that’s just pure brain skills”. Couldn’t have said it better!

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