Lego QR Code (or The 239,450th time a student amazes me…)

The other day we were making QR codes of our student blogs. So, one of my students decided to go home and make a real life Lego version of his QR code. You can actually scan the Lego and it works!


25 thoughts on “Lego QR Code (or The 239,450th time a student amazes me…)

  1. Absolutely incredible! What a brilliant and creative mind. Love it when they catch us off guard or surprise us like this! Learning at its best…

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  3. And if he transferred it into the digital version and posted it? Ah… The never-ending advances! Way to go and totally inspiring!

  4. This is terrific. I had a student go home and make a code for her dad’s business after creating them at school. Now she’s his marketing assistant. Can I use this pic in presentation I’m giving next week?

    Thanks for sharing this this us,
    Cheers frtom Jenny

  5. Neat! I recently read an article about 3D printers that exist already-which scans 2D images and then prints 3D objects-color coded even, iin various materials including plastics. It seems like your student did this himself!
    I was dreaming & wondering if this has potential to help visually impaired students somehow-like if some qr codes were 3dimensionalized so they could be alternatively felt/pressed to read aloud some information they contain. Or the printer scanning book pages (or lesson plan dittos/handouts that the rest of a class gets) could be printed out 3 dimensionally as raised/braille copies that could felt for meaning.

    My brain is still chewing on all of this, dreaming. It’s exciting.

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  14. My son, who is a Legomaster, saw this, and said “that’s not even Lego skills, that’s just pure brain skills”. Couldn’t have said it better!

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