Will you be at ConnectED Canada?

There are few people I admire or look upon as a co-learners more than @gcouros and @neilstephenson. These two exceptional leaders are spearheading a very special event.

In May 2012, a new annual Canadian educational conference is starting and the Calgary Science School has been asked to be the first host! This exciting event will be taking place at the school May 25-27, 2012.

ConnectED Canada will be a yearly educational event that brings together teachers, administrators, students, parents and other stakeholders with the purpose of sharing innovative practices and building a national collaborative network.
Rather than traditional conferences which are usual held at hotels of off-site conference centres, ConnectED Canada will be held in different schools across the country each year . The purpose of hosting the event in a school is to allow participants to experience living examples of innovative practices and classrooms. Hosting it in a school also allows for a student voice to be included – a key element of ConnectED Canada.
Additionally, as opposed to more presentation-driven professional conferences, ConnectED Canada will be built around conversations and discussions. The event will provide time and space for educators, students and parents to discuss various topics, share current practices and ideas and built relationships that will extend beyond the three days.
Are you interested in hosting a discussion?
Right now they are collecting proposal for conversation topics that attendees would like to facilitate. If you are interested in facilitating a discussion, please complete this form.
ConnectED Canada will be accepting proposals until December 8th, 2011. Those who submit proposals will be notified by December 22nd.
General registration for the event will begin on December 22nd. Due to the limited size of our school, we are capping the event at 300 participants.
For more information contact George Couros or Neil Stephenson.
And be sure to spread the word!
See you in May (hopefully I will find some way of getting there myself)!


  1. Been thinking a lot about conferences and other forms of professional learning this week. This model sounds great! I like that it will be held in schools and focus on conversations and shared
    practice. A shame it in Canada!

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