My Visit to Idea Couture Inc.

Idea CoutureIdea CoutureIdea CoutureIdea CoutureIdea CoutureIdea Couture

I had such a blast the other night meeting some of the people from Idea Couture Inc. How did this boring ol’ school teacher end up being invited to the offices of drippin’ with cool? Social media, that’s how (it never fails to amaze me).

So I walk in the door and it’s basically my dream office/classroom/home. Gorgeous, ergonomic furniture, design magazines everywhere, workshop rooms, lounging areas, funky lighting, Helvetica, the best technology, vintage bicycles, and – wait for it -whiteboards everywhere full of indecipherable doodles. I’d always read about and seen photos of places like this, but it was like I always thought they were elaborate fantasies. Beautiful is the only word.

The most intriguing thing, however, were the people. I could’ve talked to the Idea Couture peeps all night long. So open minded, curious, well-informed, and innovative. I just couldn’t believe that, for them, thinking divergently was the norm, rather than the subversive. Moreover, none of them had titles or job descriptions that you can put into one of these children’s books…

To be honest, I still couldn’t tell you exactly what they do in a coherent manner (check out their site and blog if you want to know more). I think this is the case because their ‘jobs’ are perpetually evolving, constantly shape-shifting to meet the needs of their clients and the permutations of the world around them. Today they are this, tomorrow they are that.

Why aren’t our schools and systems like this?


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