Making Mountains out of Mud

CC licensed photo shared by Flickr user theclyde

I saw the funniest thing today while picking my son up from kindergarten. As I stood waiting for Jackson to come out and yell “DADDYYY!!!” (no better sound in the world), I witnessed one of the dads collect his son a bit earlier and scoot off as fast as he could. As he exited the gates with his boy, he inexplicably admonished his son not to step in the patches of mud that were a few steps away, yet not even close to the path they were walking on. What did the boy immediately do?

He stopped walking quickly with his father, stood, and gazed longingly at the mud.

The man had not noticed his son had stopped, so ended up a few meters ahead. When he finally realized the boy was far behind him looking at the mud like it was a naked lady in a magazine, dad began shouting at son to vamos.

The boy would not respond.

So the man sighed, ran up to his son, but was too late.

The boy stuck his foot in the mud. He had to. Insert analogy here.



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