Online or Face to Face?



  1. I am teaching in my dream school because of Twitter. I met Kelly Tenkely on Twitter and then met her in person at ISTE. She started a school… and the story continues. Now we’re helping our kids gain some of those same experiences!

    I’m with Beth… Some of my closest friends are those with whom I have had online and face-to-face interactions.

  2. I haven’t found that to be true for me. I have a few that fit into the both category – through meeting at conferences, for example. However, my strongest connections in person have almost no online component to them (even though Javi the Hippie needs to blog) and some of my favorite bloggers are people I’ll probably never meet.

  3. I, like John, have face to face connections that have very little to no online component to them. But, I get the big picture here and believe that the connections I have made online are strong, but only to be made stronger when I have the opportunity to meet the person face to face. That face to face component, although absolutely not necessary because virtual relationships can be very powerful, often acts as the exclamation point, almost cementing the relationship as something that would take incredible feats of strength to break apart. At this point, I am not convinced than an online presence will do the same for a face to face connection… but I am not opposed to being proven wrong.

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