’21st Century Learning’

21st Century Learning? Ya, I don’t really know what it means anymore either. But we forget that some people really don’t know what it means. I mish-mashed this video together for those amazing stakeholders you know who have yet to be charmed by Ken Robinson’s accent. Show it at your staff meetings, parent council meetings, and such.



  1. Love the line, “charmed by Sir Ken Robinson’s British accent.” Exactly. I often scratch my head at why people are so enthralled with him. Don’t get me wrong. He’s right on, but he’s also saying what teachers have been saying for years.

  2. Nice mashup Royan.
    John, I agree with your contention that it’s what most teachers are saying. It’s time to move away from folks like Sir Ken, Pink and the rest who clearly articulate the “what” and “how” of a problem that we all know exists.
    I want to hear from people who have begun to suss out the “how” in all of this. This will come from classrooms of teachers who get “it”; in an environment where innovation is permitted and encouraged by policy makers and administrators. These are the people who we should have on stage and that is the message that parents and school boards need to hear.

  3. Love the last line – “clear as mud.” So much has changed in the last 20 years or so that all we know for sure is that change will be a constant.

  4. Dear Royan,

    I love what you have done here and am especially able to connect with the last sentiments. That the digital literacies and and 21st century idea has to connect with the what is essential in learning. My only drawback here is that we are in an age where a number of us understand what is going on, but is this only because of the way we learned. There are not subjects in which the experiment has been done on and if we are to arrive in the 21st century and to negotiate this era properly, we really have to be mindful of how we can go ahead successfully. This can only be done if we look at where the most successful learning is going on and why…but how is this success measured?

    A bourgeoning set of complex Alien thoughts…

  5. Thanks,Royan. Needed to start my day with this today (and hey, any day that starts with Jamie Oliver can’t be all bad). Thanks for always making me think, and rethink.

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