Ignition of Metacognition

Mind map

I’ve been helping my grade 7s learn about good ol’ fashioned mind mapping. It’s such a fun process. We’re basically learning how to track the learning process and, well, map our thinking. I don’t see how innovation is possible otherwise.

It’s been great to see my grade 7s picking their tool. It’s about 50/50 as to whether they want to use paper or digital. I love it. That’s exactly the right ratio, in my opinion.

Then one of my student comes over and says, “Mr. Lee, can I do it as a video journal instead? You know, like a vlog?”

Of course I said yes. And of course that made my day.

I want my students to use our/their technology like it’s a tool; one that they make metacognitive decisions about. Whenever you forget why it’s important to move away from computer labs and, instead, get the technology living in classrooms and kids’ pockets, mingling with paper and pens, remember my little story above.



  1. Love the freedom you give your students to choose their tool. These are the decisions they will continue to make their entire lives in the work force and in the organization of their personal lives. Great to have it modeled and presented as such in the classroom.

  2. I love the fluid movement toward and away from technology in your class. There’s a sense that it’s seamless, creative and meaningful.

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