Take care

Aurora Borealis  - Bear Lake, Alaska
CC licensed photo shared by Flickr user Trodel

One thing important to remember about teaching? You need to take care of yourself. And, by care, I mean physical and mental health. I’m talking about eating well, getting a good night’s sleep, exercising, having a laugh. Waiting for Superman? Try: Waiting for a Normal Man. I know what it’s like to give 99% of myself to the classroom. That’s too much. It’s not healthy. Once I got a body rash. Teachers should try their best, but never sacrifice personal growth and happiness. One thing we should always remember in the edublogosphere is not to set expectations ridiculously high so as to be unachievable. It’s not a marathon or a sprint. It’s a contemplative nature walk.

Be happy and healthy. It’s not easy, but it’s one thing we can all do for our students.



  1. I know I am guilty of putting way too much time into my job. Always wanting to push the envelope….but you are soooo right. In the grand scheme it is about taking care of yourself and the ones you love that is most important in life:0) The job will always be there, the challenges will keep coming….but children grow up, we grow older….and life passes by if we don’t take time to “stop and smell the roses”. Thanks Royan for your reflection…it is a great reminder!

    1. I think we’re all guilty of it. In fact, we’re most prone to it. That’s why we have to work harder to remember that we’re not martyrs.

  2. My professor at the Faculty of Ed once said, “students don’t need a teacher who has been up until midnight planning the perfect lesson. They need a teacher who has gone to the ballet, one who is experiencing life and has balance.”

    Those words come back to me every week. However, it’s February and I’ve given too much. I can feel it. We are also asked too much. Today is a “Fun Fest” our school, winter fund raising event. I just want to hang out with my family, but I feel the pull to make an appearance. So off to shower and go to school.

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