Analyze this

For the longest time, I’ve had this recurring dream (and, trust me, I’m not channeling Martin Luther King Jr. here). I find myself in a random location, usually a city. It’s always the most generic and eclectic city at the same time. It sometimes looks like Toronto, occasionally like Prague, but usually an amalgam of Bombay, Stockholm, and Beirut. Basically, a combination of any and all cities in the world. The gist of the dream is that I need to find my way home, yet can never seem to. There’s always something getting in my way. It could be dinosaurs, samurai swordsmen, or a game of Super Mario Kart. At times the dream is terrifying, and, at others, it’s just fun.

Have I jumped the shark here with my blogposts, you may be wondering? What’s next, a post about what animals I see in cloud formations? Bear with me, I have a point (sort of).

Something has been changing with these dreams of mine. Lately, when I’m lost in the dream, you’ll never believe what I’ve started doing. I reach into my pocket, pull out my iPhone, and … use Google Maps to navigate my way. The app tells me exactly where to go!*

Has technology been seeping into your sub-conscious too?

*The only problem is I still never get home:(



  1. Maybe one day you’ll find your way home! Technology hasn’t seeped into my dreams yet, although I feel it is inundating my life – in a good way. I feel as though I am waking from a long hibernation (I’ve been at home raising kids for the last number of years), and I am experiencing a “rebirth” in a since now that I am learning to use all the technology that has developed during those years.

    I am a student at the University of South Alabama enrolled in edm310 (an education computer course), and I am learning more in this class than any class I have ever taken. I was assigned to read two of your posts, and this week I will be summarizing your work on our class blog, if you are interested.

  2. I wonder how much of it has to do with how literal your subconscious wants to be. When I’m dropped off in a city, I usually fly around it. Sometimes I see dragons or monsters or it is populated by robots. So, in a sense, it is an over-the-top escape.

    When my dreams are more literal, it’s almost always about my twin brother who still refuses to talk to me. It’s a memory from childhood. Or perhaps it’s a vision of us sitting down and sharing a beer. I wake up from those dreams terrified and hopeful an a little depressed.

      1. It’s really sad, actually. I once wrote a blog called “The Hundred Habits of Highly Suburban People.” It was really meant to be a humorous examination of where I live. Mostly my life, actually. But he thought it was about him and he told me I cared more about my online friends than my family. It really hurt. I tried calling him last year, apologizing again, but it went nowhere. It’s really hard.

      2. 😦 Is there hope?

        Like I said, for some reason, I’m obsessed with the universal brothers-falling-out story. I blame comic books, bad 80s action movies, and maybe Cain and Abel.

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