One more thing to consider about #kony2012


Watch the original video here.

Get the facts straight here.

Read different perspectives here.

Follow actual writers and journalists in Uganda here and here.



  1. Royan,
    Thanks pulling these together to support the critical analysis of this world trending issue right now.

    My son Kurtis has come home from school for 3 days in a row emotionally charged about it, and I haven’t had the time to locate the additional resources you have provided.

    Thanks for being a critical consumer, for saving all of us time, and equipping us with resources to unpack this issue from a critical thinking standpoint.

    You are the best 🙂

  2. It doesn’t hurt to talk about colonialism, either. That’s the context of what set up the power structures in the first place. And, although it sounds harsh, that’s the thing we have to be careful about right now. We were the “liberators” of an Afghanistan that set up the Taliban. And we are again the “liberators” of an Afghanistan that is corrupt at best. We were the the ones who claimed democracy had won in Russia and now we’re watching Putin move closer toward an autocratic rule.

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