Join us at #nxnei

Join Shannon Smith, Danika Barker, Lisa Neale and I at this year’s #nxnei as we discuss:

Social Media in the Classroom – Teaching and Learning with Digital Technologies

Today’s students are digital learners in a world of ever-available connectivity.  Many step into their classrooms every morning with powerful mobile devices peeking out their back pockets.  No longer a lonely drudgery, homework turns social as students increasingly connect to learn and collaborate. And yet, schools have been slow to recognize the potential afforded by social media platforms. Are tweeting, texting and facebook the new dog-eared cahier and time-honoured textbook? What are the challenges faced by educators keen to bring classroom learning into the 21st century? This panel brings together a group of innovative educators to discuss the use of social media and online tools in schools. We discuss the push for change within traditional public school models. Specifically, we will examine how social media and online tools provide learning opportunities that nurture the skills students need – creativity, critical thinking and a global perspective.

Use the promo code NXNEirocks to get 10% off tickets here. I can’t wait to be a part of this event, and would love to see/meet you there.


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  1. Hello my name is Rodney Patrick. I am a student in EDM 310 at the University of South Alabama. I was looking at this post and I really agreed with the entire post. Students these days really are digital learners. They can use these powerful devices to quickly find answers and collaborate with others. These are only the smaller things that can be done with current technology today. This post has really peaked my interest and I look forward to seeing future posts.

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