Think Before You Post (high res.)

A few people have asked me for this graphic I made a while ago, so here is a new, high resolution version of it. Share and share alike:)



  1. Anger, or at least annoyance is a primal urge that gets me to write. You don’t want it to dominate what you’re talking about (or how), but some of the best posts I’ve read have a healthy dose of emotion to get them spinning. You wouldn’t want to be soulless in posting.

    The misinterpreting thing will happen or it won’t . You can write as clearly as humanly possible, and someone somewhere will inevitably take umbrage. I won’t be sensored by those people.

    The fear of revealing too much, or being too honest about something stops many people from having an online presence. I guess I trust the herd. You might get the odd yobo shouting at you, but the mob will back you up if you’re willing to honestly and meaningfully put yourself out there.

    If it isn’t personal, I don’t know that it’s much worth talking about.

  2. I completely agree with you. That graphic I made was really for students just learning good posting behaviour. I think there is a spectrum of people who post online, and I see authenticity, honesty, and avoidance of politically correct BS as something to avoid at all cost. Many, including myself, however, find the points in the poster useful for new and young users of the internet. Thanks for the comment!

    1. I’m thinking back to your digital footprint presentation at ECOO. The fears around developing an online presence touched on a lot of this. As a way to bridge the gap between those soaking in online culture and those terrified of it, this makes for a solid way forward. I might even be able to convince senior English students to blog using this as a transition. They were as reticent as every boomer at ECOO 🙂

  3. I like this. In fact, I’ll probably use this with my students. Sometimes I forget this. I got way too loud, too bold, full of hot air yesterday when I debated a fellow blogger about whether I had a right to share my thoughts on faith and God via Twitter. I quit listening.

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