We are young

CC licensed photo shared by flickr user Vox Efx

A post from one of my student’s blogs:

Life is crazy. As young students we put too much pressure on ourselves to get good marks, in addition to keeping up good looks and sports and a social life. It can all be very tiring and sometimes frustrating. We sometimes wake up at 5am so we can straighten our hair or even study (I know I have done that before) or we wake up at 6am and skip breakfast so we can make it to school on time. Sometimes we just need to say forget this and just go have fun at the movies or something. We just need to let it all go. We are still young and we don’t need the pressure right now. We will obviously be under more pressure when we get older and have a job and kids to take care of. Right now as young people we just need to have fun. We need to have memories of our childhood growing up. We don’t want memories of missing parties because we had to study or missing out on the movies because we had a project. Don’t get me wrong you still need to have your assignments done on time but we have to put less pressure on ourselves. Me, I know I have gotten called before to go to the movies with some friends but I had to say no because I had to work on a project. Now I wish that I had had the time to go to the movies with them. I wish I hadn’t missed those laughs. We must have a balance of fun and education.

Most of us are scared of making mistakes but making mistakes is the number one way to learn. It is like riding our bike for the first time. We are scared to go because we don’t want to fall but once we get going and our parents let go we realize that it is not so bad. We are soaring on our own. We are scared to make a mistake mainly because we don’t know what comes next, but once we make the mistake and learn from it, most of the time we don’t make it twice. It’s bad for the moment. That is all.

If you think about it we can be compared to airplanes. When we are kids we’re backing up, we get older and we make it to the runway preparing for take off, then we grow up to be adults and the plane takes off, we are soaring on our own hoping everything is right.

We can’t plan out how we want to turn out. We can’t plan our lives. We can’t guarantee that the plane will fly smoothly. We will be given speed bumps in the air but we have to learn to deal with them and in the end it makes us stronger. We know how to deal with it the next time.

Don’t get frustrated every time you make a mistake, just learn and remember that the mistake is preparing you for take off.

We are young and we are learning. We are young, waiting to fly.



  1. This is a very thought provoking message. Great comparisons to airplanes. As a teacher and as a parent this was a great read. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. Thanks for sharing your student’s blog… I hope that he or she appreciates, however, that making a choice such as not going to the movie, is also part of learning to fly. Sometimes I worry about the “we’re young… we need to be kids” kind of attitude. It’s okay that sometimes life isn’t perfect and you have to deny yourself something. No one, not even the young, are entitled to everything they want whenever they want it for as long as they want it. If we were, we wouldn’t appreciate things when we get them. Making choices, rather than having them made for you, is also part of learning to fly.

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