The ‘I’ve Always Wondered Why…’ Project

It started after I watched this~

My students were inspired by data coming to life like this~

And then they went on their own explorations, asking questions, surveying, collecting, agonising, regretting, analysing, concluding, reflecting, and wanting to do it all again~


  1. My questions would be, what made you choose your topic, and do you think girls are more likely to admit body image issues than boys?

    1. That’s what excited me as a teacher. I found the students really ended up wanting to ask more questions at the ‘end’ of the project. Thanks so much for the comments you leave on my blog. You always make me think about new things!

  2. You continue to push your students to think, push yourself to improve your practice and push your profession to innovate. The student questions are so rich – and representations so diverse – keep sharing 🙂 my friend.

    1. Thanks bro. I just wished I could’ve captured the conversations in class, the most important and interesting parts.

  3. Love it thanks. This will help me literally today, since we are doing almost exactly the same project and they can present their results however they want. It was approached in a very beneficial way for the students to be able to pick out where their mistakes were.

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