Why I Left Instagram

Twitter _ mbteach_ Ugh. I guess it_s time to stop ...

I read Mary Beth’s tweet and accompanying link about an hour ago and decided to delete my Instagram account. I’m leaving it for my first love, Flickr. It’s not because I haven’t found it to be a beautifully engineered app and social network. Nor is it because I haven’t found it funner than anything, as my son would say. It’s not even because I think their terms of service are necessarily any more clandestine or problematic than any one else’s (hello, my beloved Google). Moreover, although I’ve never Facebooked, I’m not going to pretend to be the most well-informed critic of their privacy policies or ambitions for world domination (read Maira Sutton’s post for a good one). Sure, this post would be a lot better if I could quote some Clay Shirky or Marshall McLuhan, but, at the end of the day, I just…really…felt like it. Here’s why:

  1. I use Flickr almost daily for CC licensed images that I can reuse, remix, or recycle. I need to get back to contributing to this great community as well.
  2. I like the fact that all of my Flickr photos are set up to automatically be CC licensed.
  3. All of my Flickr photos get uploaded in full resolution. I found myself taking too many photos in low resolution because of being in the Instagram world.
  4. Flickr has finally updated their app to include Instagrammy filters.
  5. I’m not a fan of Facebook.
  6. Flickr gives me so many more administrative options to play with my photos’ settings. I want those controls back.

Are you sticking with Instagram, or leaving the club?

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  1. It’s eerie how alike we are. I don’t have Facebook and only have a page for my school site (which is low visit to begin with). Instagram took a back seat, end of story. Their divorce with Twitter was a deal breaker (I want my photos to show up in my timeline). Full res – HELLOOOO!! I’m also a pro user and this way, I really get my money’s worth. Boom, done!

  2. Great. New terms and conditions. I guess Facebook haters (like you and I) were going to have to break up with Instagram as well. I think I might just end up using the twitter app itself for sharing personal day-to-day images, and use my Flickr for my “pretty pictures.” I’m a little sad that this is happening!

  3. I’m still debating this with myself. I haven’t abandoned Facebook yet–but I’m close to pulling the trigger. Unfortunately, Facebook is where I connect online with many old friends and family members. Thy don’t “get” Twitter or G+. I’m torn.

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