The Power of Introverts ~ Spicy Links


Susan Cain‘s Quiet: The Power of Introverts hit this teacher and parent like a tonne of bricks. Since I’m not in the mood to write a book review, I thought I’d publish a quick post of links for @shareski of my previous posts influenced by/connect to her ideas, as well as essential ‘cliff notes’ on the book many of you have already seen floating around the interwebz.

My explanation to Susan Cain on why I think Social Media transforms what it means to be shy or quiet in the classroom.

Is social media a game-changer for introverted kids? Susan’s interview with me.

My post on why Introverts Make Great Teachers Too.

Social Media and Introverts: Guest post on Stephen Hurley’s Teaching Out Loud blog.

My post wondering about group work in the classroom.

Susan’s informal ‘Quiet Quiz’.

A slightly modified version I use to assess my students.

The TED Talk and RSA Animate respectively:


  1. Hi Royan, I found Susan Cain on TED Talks last Spring; I think her message is so important! I have been using the Ministry’s “Blended Learning” as a pilot in our Board this year with my Grade Six class. The Learning Management System provided by the Ministry is called Desire 2 Learn. The D2L is not the easiest LMS to navigate, but my students are really loving it.

    I started hosting “Office Hours” after school where my students could contact me with questions. One shy girl, who never spoke, started messaging me regularly through the D2L – apologizing first for each question. She explained that she is so uncomfortable speaking in front of the class, but she has so many questions; she said the D2L makes it easy for her to ask questions for the first time. Her questions were always deep and insightful. I began sharing her questions with the class. Her “voice” really added to our conversation. Then we started using the Discussion tool from the D2L. All of sudden this quiet shy girl had a voice and was being heard.

    That is why I love technology- it gives those introverts, who don’t naturally know how to command the conversation and speak spontaneously, a voice. This student of mine prefers to think before she voices an opinion- the fast pace of our oral Lit Circles don’t allow her to do that. Our on-line discussions do. And they always allow her to be heard even though she is not loud or pushy.

    Thanks for reminding us to that DI can take so many forms!

    1. Glad to hear that someone else is noticing this phenomenon as well. I think it’s quite transformative actually. How inequitable we have been to our introverts.

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