Overheard in the library…

CC licensed photo shared by Flickr user thejester100

CC licensed photo shared by Flickr user thejester100

Our school library is one of my favourite places to work. The hustle and bustle is so conducive to my concentration. I was working in there today during my prep and had the best time listening to a couple of kids from another class work on their research projects. I couldn’t resist taking notes:

Kid 1: How should we present this? Powerpoint?

Kid 2: Powerpoint?!?! Ugh, no way. Kill me now. We are not using Powerpoint.

Kid 1: OK what’s that one again where stuff flies around everywhere?

Kid 2: Ugh, hate that one too.


Kid 1: Ohmigod, look at this amazing website I found! It has all the information we need!

Kid 2: How do you know it’s true?

Kid 1: Um…

Kid 2: That looks totally unreliable to me.


Kid 2: There’s too much information out there.

Kid 1: I know right.


2 thoughts on “Overheard in the library…

  1. I’m still rolling around on the floor – I’m with the kid who said “ugh, hate that one, too!” about Prezi, ’cause it makes me puke (motion sickness, really!) ! Love, love, love this. This would be my dream conversation to hear – you know you’re doing something right when…..

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