Pretending to sleep
Lucy pretending to sleep

A quick post about juicy, chubby cheeks that stomp around the house all haughty.

Toddlers are funny. Lucy’s been our third one now, and you could say we notice a pattern in behaviour. The smugness, the desire to be pantless, the hilariously melodic turn of phrase. They are priceless alright.

I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if toddlers think they are actually running the world. Delusions of grandeur. They have no doubt on anything. They are passionate about everything. Lucy exhausts and delights us in equal measures. Just for fun I call her Kim Jong Il. Since she’ll be our last, I’m really savouring how unique and special it is to have a toddler.

Perhaps the most amusing thing about them is the way they are so emotional. Their outrage is as adorable as their gregariousness is irresistible. Our middle boy Jackson was quite chilled out as a tike, but the two girls have been assertive.

One of my favourite things about them is the way they play with words, as though they are notes on a xylophone. You say it like this? Well, I say it like that!

¡Viva el espíritu del niño! It rests in all of us.



  1. I’m so glad you are savouring the moments. The toddler years do pass quickly. I have to say as a parent of three teens much of what you described in your toddler post applies again once they reach the teen years. Yesterday we were talking about their level of confidence and how they feel they will conquer the world. I wonder if or when the confidence decreases in a person. I’m hoping they will hold onto it and indeed succeed in this world.

  2. Enjoy them, Royan. As the years pass, the struggles sometimes overshadow the joy. I am agree with Angie. As the mother of two teenage girls who are just ready to take over the world. Everything is a possibility for them, and I don’t want to take that away. The time has passed so quickly to where we are today. The amazing part is getting to the point where you can say to them, “this is your choice, you are an adult.” and then watching them. Ilana

  3. Pantless preferences, I know them so well. Our children have a certain freedom we have to give up as adults. The joy and freedom that my kids express has taught me that really most of these restrictions we presume are actually self imposed. The joy in every moment to self express is endless, and a privilege we too quickly forget.

  4. Wonderful post Royan! I really enjoyed reading it. For me, toddler stage is the most fun compared to all other stages but it’s also the most difficult as well. I think you already know well how difficult it is to raise a toddler but I think you would also agree when I say that the joy they bring to the family is priceless. You should enjoy and make the most out of it. 🙂

  5. Hi Royan,

    I really admire your personal and engaging voice. I just wanted to say thank you for sharing such great advice and stories on your blog for busy mothers and parents of young children! Your posts are always to philosophical and inspiring, in particular with your work with children while being a parent yourself.

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